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No other commodity has the strategic and day-to-day importance of petroleum. Whether in its crude state or refined into other products, the price of petroleum products is influenced by a number of factors, from caps in production levels, to refining capacities, to geo-political events. Recent history shows how rapidly prices of petroleum and its products can rapidly rise and fall. As economies like China and India grow, demanding more and more oil, it is likely that prices will continue to either rapidly rise or fall over the next several years, with no real stability. In a rising cost market, it is especially important to have existing relationships with a dependable supply source to help meet the needs of our clients, through our strong network of supplier sources and international strategic partnerships, we have consistent, reliable supplies of crude oil, jet fuel, diesel gas, and mazut ready for delivery.

Our Procedures

Although the procedures for the purchase of the majority of fuel products will differ slightly, as a starting point we require a Company Profile with an I.C.P.O or Draft Contract on Company letter Headed Paper. This must be from the End Buyer and not an intermediary. We will then advise the End Buyer of the remaining procedures.

Xon Energy, with its years of experience has continually expanded its foundations through integrity of business practice and development of its global network. We have ensured that the organisation is a recognized pioneer within the global trade sector.

By ensuring that everything we import or export reaches the highest government standards, as well as complying with ethical and moral values of trade & industry we always guarantee end user satisfaction.

This reflects our aim to foster long-term relationships with our clients, representing the best interest of our clients at all times.

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