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We are both buyers and sellers for physical energy products, so we are involved in the direct supply of these from buyer to seller across the world. We do not deal or trade in futures, derivatives or options, purely in the physical trade of oil and refined products.

At Xon Energy, we pride ourselves on performance. Our supply chains have been carefully selected from major groups to provide the very best of international service. We have additionally developed exceptional relations with governments, and refiners all over the world. Our development strategy combines a moral spirit with a focused vision and a desire to explore new opportunities. Our energy division can assist you offering an effective solution to all your energy and fuel requirements. Contact us today to discuss any energy requirements you have.

We offer various grades and specifications of both fuels and crudes generally via contract basis. Simply contact us today for availability.

Ethical Policy

Please note that Xon Energy will strictly not under any circumstances engage in the trade of any materials that could reasonably or potentially be deemed as dangerous such as firearms, explosives, urea, or any type of radioactive material, such as cathodes or otherwise anything considered to be within the category of dangerous substances.

We furthermore will strictly not trade with any cash to cash transactions, or any transaction that fails our initial due diligence process. Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions in relation to our procedures or trade processes. We will be pleased to answer any questions or concerns and happily discuss them with you.

Energy Division

Xon Energy is actively engaged within trading, marketing, distribution, and shipping of crude oil and refined products such as LPG, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, gasoil (diesel) and fuel oil. We will facilitate transactions in strategic locations including among others Rotterdam and Houston and the Middle East. Our extensive industry experience allows us to extend our services though sourcing petroleum products to end users operating on a global platform, assisting to offer genuine supplies where they are required.

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