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Xon Energy are a professional fuel purchase and sale entity which adheres to the highest standards of professional trade and corporate governance. Within the global energy industry we claim our place as one of the few professionals who adhere to the correct methodologies for both the sale and purchase of international trade of physical oil and refined products globally. For this purpose, in order to eliminate the wasting of time and valuable resources we would like to make very clear what our standard trading processes are to ensure that any business activities are smooth and clear without any misunderstandings or errors.

Codes of Practice

As professionals, Xon Energy adheres strictly to the principles and rulings of UCP600 (Uniform Codes of Practice) as recognised by all leading banking and financial institutions around the world. Following these guidelines we not only ensure that all legal requirements of our trades are fulfilled but also that those standards are recognised with the recommendations set by the ICC (International Chambers of Commerce) for the facilitation of International Trade.

Xon Energy will only issue their own contracts to initiate any possible trades and all terms and conditions within those contracts are final and not subject to amendments. We will work only with respective end buyers / sellers in order to conclude the deal.

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